Yes, we offer trade-in and consignment sales.

We do charge $15 charge for any assessment. or regular labour fee ($65-$85) when the equipment needs in-depth diagnosis and/or parts replacement or system reinstall. That amount will be deducted from the equipment’s value for trade-in or consignment offer should customer chooses to proceed with one of thee options.

Trade-ins are done in person only and are assessed immediately whenever possible (we typically need a minimum of 20min for any computer assessment), and we give you the bottom value of the item in store credit. Trade-in value depends on cosmetic and functional value of equipment. Complete assessment can take up to 2 days, however larger drop offs/busy season can see that time estimation extended.

Store credit does not expire and is fully transferable at no charge. The maximum trade-in value usable on special order items is $250 or 2/3 of the price (up to a $250 value).

Consignment sales go as following: we spend time to assess and test the item(s) thoroughly and give you an estimation of the price it/they will sell for, deducted of the cost of repairs/servicing when needed and potential third-party listing fees, and we both agree on the price. If we receive offers for less than price, we contact you to get your approval. At the end of each month for all items sold 7 days or more prior to the last day of the month, you will get a payment for the item(s) that sold, deducted of the cost of repairs and listing fees as agreed upon beforehand, and deducted of a commission of 20% of the sale price.

Payment for consigned items are done by etransfer or can be kept in store credit. Items that are returned by the buyer within the 7-days return policy go back to consignment and won’t be processed for payment until sold and not returned. Payments are typically processed within the first week of the following month, however a few days’ delay may happen due to holidays or high activity. Early payment is offered at a charge starting from $5.

Any trade-in or consignment will require a valid picture ID matching the identity of the customer.

Trade-in and consignment services are not offered on stat holidays. Curbside pick up is the only service we offer on stat holidays and is only offered for customers’ convenience, and there is no phone or door service these days.