General labour charge (flat fee, no hourly rate)

Includes formatting and reinstalling, data backup, transfer and/or recovery of up to 20GB of storage: $65+GST

For data recovery, you are welcome to provide your own external drive so we can save your data on it, or we will charge you for the price of a drive of the appropriate size.

Some workstations, tablet PCs and other complicated machines and/or malware removal, data transfer/recovery, drive cloning, email client set up, rush service (same day or overnight repair, priority service, etc.): $85+GST

Hardware installation (flat fee, no hourly rate)

Charge depending on the amount of work/expertise required

From $15 to $65+GST

Initial diagnostic/estimation (typically 5-10min, does not include taking apart a machine or in-depth diagnostic, otherwise regular labour charge applies)

No Charge!

If we are not able to offer a fix/workaround

No Charge!

If we are able to to offer a fix/workaround and you decline it, regular labour fee will still apply.


We are unfortunately not able to work on Apple products (including macbooks, imacs and ipads) currently as well as on tablets (all brands).

After hours fee

We are able to offer after hours service for a fee on most days. That service needs to be requested and approved ahead of time, is offered for a 15min timeframe and is in addition to our regular service charge, and is payable in advance and non-refundable. It is offered as following:
– from closing time till 8PM: $45
– 8PM to 10PM: $65
– 10PM to 12AM: $85
– 12AM to 6AM: $185
– 6AM to 7AM: $85
– 7AM to 8AM: $65
– 8AM till opening time: $45

Last words

You only pay ONE labour charge on a given machine for a given scope of work, the amounts above are not stackable (to the exception of the after hours fee).

We also offer multi-service discounts, i.e. you bring us 2 computers to fix, you may receive a discount at our discretion.

For any of these (and more), contact DBCS Computer today!