Yes we price-match, so you know you always get the best deal at DBCS Computer!

Our prices are set to be competitive and we make sure to offer the lower price available amongst our competitors, and as such, we consider price-matching valid competitors. If you can find a valid competitor that has better price than us, please provide us with a link to the item.
Item cosmetic and functional conditions have to be identical and item has to be readily available for purchase in Canada by a valid professional seller. Misprints, special offers, wholesalers offers, liquidation and clearance and other limited time offers, are not eligible to price-match.

Terms and conditions of our price-match policy are subject to change without notice.

In addition to the above, we offer discounts on volume purchases on all our reconditioned items. Items have to be of the same type (i.e. 5 laptops or 5 monitors or 5 video cards, etc.):

  • 5 units: 5% off
  • 10 units: 10% off
  • 20 units: 20% off
  • 25 units and more (wholesale): please ask (simply because we will need to check our cost on every item to see what we can do, it will very rarely exceed 25% off though)

Warehouse deals and sale items are not eligible to volume discounts.