A question we do get a lot is: what is reconditioned equipment? We decided to use the wording “reconditioned” for the used equipment we fix/clean/test and then resell. Some call it refurbishing, some call it recertifying. When we opened business in 2011, we decided to not use “refurbished” as “manufacturer refurbished” and “reseller refurbished” are two very different things, the fact that in many customers’ mind, “refurbished” means “formerly broken and maybe or maybe not repaired right”, and “recertified” didn’t sound right to us. In short, “reconditioned” means that we put the equipment in as new usable condition, unless otherwise stated. Some of the equipment we get was indeed “broken” and we repaired them, but in most cases, the equipment we get is in good working condition and just needs some love (translate: parts upgrade, cleaning, stress-testing of components, etc.) to perform properly. Items that don’t match our standards of quality, are either recycled, or offered for sale for parts or repair.

Should I get a new or a reconditioned computer for the same price?

For most people, the answer would be: definitely reconditioned, this is where you find the best bang for your buck. Performance/features will be much better on a reconditioned model, compared to a similarly-priced brand-end one. Pretty much the same as buying a new vs used car, you can have something that looks and “smells” new, or you can get something that will be more powerful, and have more bells and whistles. In most cases, we also upgrade the models we get, to current standards, therefore they perform better than when they were new, and usually much better than similarly priced brand-new models.
We also sell new models, mostly in special order but sometimes also get great deals on new items (they usually sell quite fast though).