In accordance with the requirements of Stage 1 through 4 of Covid, we are offering curbside pick up for all our orders. Once your payment has been processed, you are welcome to book a time online for your pick up using the link below on our website so your order will be guaranteed to be waiting for you as soon as you arrive, and will be located on our porch. We don’t know recommend to come pick up your order without a booked appointment, however if you choose to come without a booked appointment during business hours, we will try to accommodate your request, just email or text 587-834-1213 when you’re here and we’ll put your order outside as soon as possible. Just a last reminder we cannot guarantee availability unless an appointment is booked.

If you are doing a trade-in, please leave it on our porch and we usually need about 10-15min/item to assess it and process your order including that trade-in and then will release your order on the porch as well.

Please indicate in your booking what vehicle you will be driving so we know the right person gets the right order, we keep a close eye on porch activity and all pick ups are recorded on CCTV. However, please note that we decline any responsibility if you don’t pick up your order within 10min of the scheduled time and you didn’t contact us to reschedule during that timeframe.

Please let us know if you need cables, peripherals or anything more prior to your pick up.
If you require delivery, please let us know and we will get a quote for you.