Our default cosmetic grade is A-. A- is the condition we can expect for the computer or peripheral you are purchasing, with the expected wear and tear for an item of that age. If there is no indication on the listing – it is A-.

Better condition than expected is A, or even A+ for items that look almost as new. Lesser condition would be B+, B or B- and would generally be explained on the individual listing as of what justifies a lesser cosmetic grade, but on average, it means significant wear, large scratches, defects on screen, etc.

Grade C would mean significant wear and tear, that would be explained on the listing and/or shown on pictures.

Lesser condition than C would qualify as defective and would typically read AS IS DEFECT on the listing or FOR PARTS.

For the specific case of monitors, we typically do not assess plastics, casing and stand unless there is significant damage. We do focus on the panel, as shown below:
Grade C: large scratches, dark spots on panel
Grade B-: 2in+ scratch/es on panel
Grade B: 1.5in+ scratch/es on panel
Grade B+: 1in+ scratch/es on panel
Grade A-: 1in- scratch/es on panel
Grade A: no scratch on panel

Please note that although we do our best to describe the products we sell the best we can, descriptions of cosmetic condition cannot be totally exhaustive and smaller cosmetic defects may not be listed. You are welcome to contact us prior to purchase in order to get more information regarding a specific product.