We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and respectful environment for all customers and staff.

It is unfortunate it has to be stated, but we have a zero tolerance with abuse. Our staff is instructed to terminate calls, email exchanges or in-person interactions where a customer is being abusive (including, but not limited to, raised voice, threats, insults, swearing, false accusations, malicious comments/reviews, discrimination and harassment). We also reserve the right to block phone numbers and/or emails from offenders without warning or notification, as well as ban such customers from dealing with us, either temporarily or permanently, as well as limit of deny access to our premises to offenders. Our decisions on this matter are final.

In circumstances where there is physical contact without consent (i.e. grabbing, pushing), a police report will be filed to ensure appropriate records are maintained.

Customers that fall into the categories above will have their warranty claims honoured on the strict terms of the warranty terms and conditions – no more, no less. We often go above and beyond and sometimes even waive charges to customers that are nice and polite. Would it be fair to give more to the abusive ones? Absolutely not. Abusive customers will absolutely get the service they are entitled to, everything else will either be charged, or simply not offered to them. Some here will see attitude from us, others instead will see bad customers are simply not being given a free pass. In other words – we are a small, family-owned business, and we have no tolerance for any type of abuse.

We strive to show respect and politeness to our customers and expect the same in return. We reserve the right to charge additional service charges to abusive customers for any service not in the scope of the warranty/standard service terms.